LG 5663 СL

• mid-late ripening hybrid
• new version of thhybride LG 5665 resistant to the herbicide EURO-LIGHTNING ®of the CLEARFIELD® production system
• is a hit in Central Europe
• highly productive and stable
• resistant to new races of downy mildew
• resistant to sunflower broomrape race A-Е
• of average height for its ripening group

 Agronomical characteristics

Average height of the plant, cm 147
Average basket diameter, cm 15,6
Average weight of 1000 grains, g 73
Yield potential 9
Yield stability 9
Oil content 7
Energy of initial growth 9
Resistance to stress conditions 9
Resistance to cold 8
Resistance to lodging 9

Tolerant to phomopsis, sclerotinia of the root, sclerotinia of the basket, macrophomina, rhizopus and phoma.

● intensive type hybrid
● recommended for sunflower cultivation in the steppe and the south of the forest-steppe zones

Recommended density at of the time of gathering:
• area of sufficient moistening: 55 thous/ha
• area of insufficient moistening: 50-55 thous/ha